Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Virgin Galactic Crash

 Many people emailed me about the Space Ship Two crash on Friday October 31st, I wanted to take time and think about about it before I had a response.  First and foremost my heart goes out families of both pilots, and the entire Virgin Galactic team.  Since I have become a member of the "Future Astronaut Community" we have all gotten to know many of the dedicated people that work on the various aspects of the program and share the excitement of the successes as well as the grief.  As I've stated in the past I believe in the Virgin Galactic mission and will remain part of the team, this is just a reminder that going to space is still a challenge and not to be taken for granted.  If this means the commercial space flights will be delayed for a few more years, that's fine, I'll be here ready to go.