Friday, May 22, 2015


Once in a while you get to something that is expected to be amazing then turns out to be so much more spectacular then you could imagine.  Last week was one of those moments.  Virgin Galactic had organized a tour of the Space Ship Company where they build and maintain White Knight II and the next version of Space Ship II in Mojave California.  Of course I signed up immediately, and brought along my friend Don.   We arrived at the VG building at 9am.   The facility is named Final Assembly, Integration and Test Hangar, or FAITH.  I had been to the last big gathering of future astronauts in September of 2013 with 300 people.  This was a more intimate tour getting to see the facility in full operation up close, and talk to many of the engineers, pilots, and members of the team.

My level of confidence in the project is higher then before the accident, not that I had any lack of confidence then.  It's just a reminder of the enormous task, we are going into space and through this endeavor paving the way for all people to be able to travel to space with the ease of a flight to Vegas.

We were only aloud to take one picture in the facility with White Knight II which was just amazing to have that proximity to the aircraft.   In the pics, myself, then with Don, then the VG group: Enrico, Myself, Future Astronaut Allen, Beth, and Rose.  A great day and another step closer to space.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The New Space Ship II

Very soon I will be going to the Mojave Desert to tour the Virgin Galactic assembly facility and see the progress of the new Space Ship II under construction.  As soon as I return I will post what ever information and photos that I can.  I'm very excited to see the progress.