Monday, May 19, 2014

Barron's Magazine An Animation Artist In Space.

Writing is not my thing.  The blog is as close as I get, that said I was given the opportunity by Ed Finn the editor of Barron's Magazine to write a piece about my trip to space with Virgin Galactic.  I was more then happy to give it shot, but a bit daunted by the task since I am not a writer.  More then then that I find writing to be difficult, the writers I work with in my industry are so talented funny and smart I couldn't even compare what I have done to the work they do.

It helped that at the time I was laid up with a broken leg and had some time to focus on a new task.   Also I created an illustration to go with the piece.  From a pencil sketch and finished in digital using the same techniques that I use with acrylic paints.  Pick up the latest issue or read it online here enjoy!

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