Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Lately I've been learning about astrophotography.  Between my 8" SC telescope and my Canon Digital SLR I'm starting to get some interesting results.

Last night the moon was in good form and we had clear skies in Los Angeles 

The Orion Nebula is good practice, easy to find and the photo shows some nice colors.  Still working on focusing techniques.

After days of looking I was finally able to get a decent shot of the Lovejoy comet two weeks ago.  
Very hard to find in our light polluted skies, with the help of a friend looking with binoculars and the telescope we eventually saw what looked like a dim smudge.  Only after a long exposure with the camera did the ghostly green comet come into view.  Can't wait to get out in the dessert for some really dark skies and see what I can find.

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