Sunday, October 13, 2013

Going To Space.

I have been waiting for the right time to start sharing the experience I am undergoing.  In May my wife Lisa got me the best birthday present ever, a trip to space on the Virgin Galactic Space Ship II.
Most wives want to send their husbands into space at some point, but it looks like I have an excellent chance of of returning from this trip.  

This is the Virgin Galactic "Future Astronaut Pin" I was sent as my confirmation that I am number 722 and have reserved a seat.  Being a kid of the 60's I was obsessed with the space program and anything space travel related.  The idea of actually going some day was too far fetched to imagine.

When I think of space travel I always believed I would look more like this.  Aurora 7 with a Scott Carpenter mannequin strapped inside.  It will be a bit more plush then this, but there will be training involved and that to me is part of the attraction.  More stories and entries to come on this adventure of lifetime.

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