Sunday, October 20, 2013


I'm in Philadelphia.  Just arrived a few hours ago.  tomorrow morning I'll heading over to the NASTAR center for two days of training and medical studies.  Very exciting.  It was a coincidence that I was in Boston yesterday and had the opportunity to go to the JFK Library and Museum.  On exhibit is Freedom 7  the second space craft to carry a man into space.

The picture isn't that great there was so much light in the background.  But then it seems I'm joining the image in a ways, the past reflecting the future.  This truly paved the way for for what I am participating in now.

I love the old controls.  So functional.  Tomorrow when I return from NASTAR I'll let you know how it went.  Hopefully nothing too noteworthy.

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  1. HI Dave,

    Luis here. Cool blog. Looking forward for your NASTAR post :)

    If you want to grab some dinner tonight and talk NASTAR and Space some more, drop me a email.